Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Day With Profit! lol

Played for over 8 hrs today and netted a $16 profit. Least I did'nt lose. Placed 13th out of 1397 players in a $10 tourney. Busted out with pokect nines vs J 10. I played good, made 1 mistake my ACE 10 vs QQ but got bailed out by hitting a straight. Hopefully today will be a good day. We'll see.......

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Afternoon Delight!

Ya'll know the song. That describes my day perfectly. Makin profit online as of right now. - $150 yesterday. So I hope to make at least that back today I'm 1/2 way there. Hopefully my next post is a profitable one ....We'll see.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


That's right Micadoo hit two Royals today. Been Playin online today for about 6 hrs, I'm +$36.50
Sounds like I work @ Outback. Well I find out tomorrow if Amsouth wants to be nice to the idiot. Chase directed my complaint to there customer service area in India. The beauty of out sourcing America. Mr Rajamin Katpur informed my that Chase won't be any help. I had agreat day yesterday. Oh I love the family life and going to church. My only worry in life now is taxes. I hope I won't have that worry soon. The pic is me and my son Taylor near Gatlinburg in the Smokie Mts. this summer. I can't wait for my Dallas and Vegas trips. I got my Trailblazer back today. I'm happy bout that.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Add $64 to the Idiot fund. Poker Party Winner Collects Tonight!

Even though I made a deposit yesterday Amsouth managed to charge me another$64 in NSF fees. Total now = $214. Nothing like totally free checking!!! I sent an email to Chase accusing them of a glitch in their on bill pay, lol, and I'm going to Amsouth and will use my people skills to see how much I can get back with my sob story. We'll see. I'm shooting for $124 and a refund of my cash advance fees from Chase. This has bummed me out a lil today. Tonight Kassi is collecting her Poker Party winnings with the other players at Steel N Fiddle. So I know I will be in great spirits later. I'll let u know how my struggle against corporate America goes.

Friday, September 23, 2005

I was just tryin to save 37 cents.....

Oh the wonders of paying my bills online. No stamps, no worries right? Wrong. Some how I was tryin to pay my Chase credit card like $60. I thought I clicked and entered everything correctly. I went on my merry way, till yesterday at lunch. "I'm sorry sir you check card has been declined" What???? this is joke right, run it again, I've got over $1600 my account. "sorry sir it was declined again." WTF. So I pay with a credit card and proceed to call my 24hr teller @ Amsouth. " your current balance is OVERDRAWN $841 dollars" Do what!!! I'm thinkin somebody has stole my account info or somethin along those lines. So I push #3 for my last 10 transactions, ah ha, I'll find out what's going on. Bingo "electronic debit for $1,936" Think Mic, what is that, Damn that's my balance on my Chase card. Call Chase "your current balance is $27, avalible credit $2473" Double Bingo. Idiot. I swear, I made the online payment right, but I guess not. So child support check bounced and I have been charged $150 in NSF Fees. I had $500 in over draft protection which worked against me because they would not of paid Chase unless I had that. So today I had to now go cash advance enough from my Chase card to cover my checking acct, call the ex , hope she believes I still have a job, and let her know the money is now there. If you know Necia this is not an easy task. She's a show me the money kinda gal. lol
To some it up in a nutshell to save 37 cents it cost me around $200 and that to my $500 insurance ded for plowing mailboxes last week that's -$700 in two weeks just for not paying attention. Oh the beauties of online bill pay & overdraft protection. SCREW THEM BOTH!!! lol. No wonder I've made over two million dollars in my life and still almost living paycheck to paycheck. Maybe Kassi can staighten me out. My problem is when I have money it's time to have fun. I need to learn how to slow down and save. Most important I need to pay attention and quit being such an IDIOT!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Poker Party!!!! My Baby, Is poker gambling??

I had 4 friends over last night for a Poker Party as we call it. We had a blast. We all decided to play a tournament with the entry fee being a shot or drink Saturday night for the winner. It was Jared , Joey, Kassi, Britt & I. Guess who got last...Me the poker pro wanna be. Guess who won? Kassi, A first time player of course. We had a blast. I'm getting ready for my Vegas trip and High School reunion next month. (now that I have a date) I'm excited!!! As I wrote in my blog a few days ago I'm the happiest that I can ever remember being, except for when my son was born. So life is good. I am so ready for the future. I'm going to start 2 new blogs in the next few days. One will be a comdey blog which I will TRY to showcase my sense of humour. The other will be an effort to get George Bush Impeached for derilliction of duty. Im sick of that a-hole. I know I can't spell. I don't I'm so proud of my new girlfriend Kassi I just have to post another pic of her. I'm so lucky!!!!

FYI non-poker players, poker is gambling if you don't know how to play, it's not gambling if you can play. It's a great source of revenue and in my case its a sport much like pro golf or what ever. The best in this business make millions every year, not because they are gambling, because of their skills and expertise. They are professionals. I'll be there soon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I'm the happiest in my life right now!!

I have reached a place I never knew I could find again, total bliss. Thanks to god. Thank you Kassi. I am reconnecting with god again. The only therapist that works. By doing that my life has drastically changed. I have a new best friend. I have no worries. I'm putting my life back in god's hands again. I'm so happy. I've found what I've always dreamed of. ..someone who is absolutely adorable and pure who wants to make me very happy. All my decisions have been based on alot of prayer and me knowing who really would be there for me in the end. I don't regret any of my choices since I met her. I took a big chance on TRUE love and now have it. That's all I've ever dreamed of in my life. Watch out poker world cause here I come!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Google ME & I'm in Cardplayer Magazine!!!

I finally broke my Card Player cherry. LOL My finish in the WSOP in Tunica was listed in all the Poker mags and on ther web sites. I now have career WSOP earnings. lol Google both my name and Micadoo. You will see I'm makin a name for myself. Not to brag or anything, but I got some pages now. LOL

Monday, September 19, 2005

Go Cowboys!!!

I had a free ticket to Texas Stadium and a $55 r/t air fare to Dallas for tonights game and I'm sitting here watching it @ home on t.v. writing my blog. What happend you ask? Alot. First I sideswiped some mail boxes on a good ole 2 lane country road. (-$500 deductible). Second, my AA frequent flier miles expired two days before I tried to redeem them for the$55 ticket. Third, I figured God was telling me not to go, I figured something bad was going to happen if I left. So I ended up having a great Saturday night, the best one that I can ever remember in my life. I wouldn't of had as much fun in Dallas for sure.

Friday, September 16, 2005

The Skinny...

Ok since the WSOP in Vegas. I've Won $12,400 but have lost $8500 net profit $3,900. I ran my new Trailblazer into some mailboxes couple of days ago, tried to ruin my friends birthday, gained total job security, getting sent to Vegas by my job for a week, and became a lil closer to God. I still have along way to go. . See ya'll later

Friday, September 09, 2005

I'm Better!!!

I was down the other day for alot of reasons, mainly I lost my second biggest account @ work Wednesday, and my crappy poker play. In poker lingo, I played like a donkey. I was playing my cards in life the same way. I said I knew what I had to do, and I've made some changes, it's a start of alot more to come. Good news is I'm happy. A lil stressed sometimes, but stress makes me take action. I feel great about my future whatever it brings. My life has been a great adventure with many valleys and peaks. I'm ready for some more. Hopefully more peaks than valleys. My 20 High School reunion is next month. We have a close class that stays in decent contact. Our ten year reunion was a blast. This one should be better. It's always a three day event over a weekend. We intergrate all aspects of fun socialism. A bar party Friday, a formal party Sat, and a a Sunday get together at the lake. I didn't go to my prom because I was too shy to ask anyone. I did have a great date at the 10yr reunion. Don't have one yet for this one. Stay Tuned...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My Head's Not In it Right Now.

I wish I could talk more about it, but things have happend in the last few weeks that I know are effecting my play and more importantly my life. I've dealt with alot of stuff in my life but this situation is unique to me. I'm not living life right. Im correcting it immediately. I need to take a break from trying to win at poker and start winning in my spritual life. I am very blessed and fortunate. I am the best dad in the world, I have a beautiful son, I'm damn good at what I do professionally, and have lived a life many dream of, except for one area, the 2nd MOST important to me. (Most important is my relationship with the Lord). My issues and problems pale in comparison to 99% of the rest of the world right now. I feel very selfish and that really pisses me off. I say what I feel without thinking of the effect it has on others. I've let myself , more importantly others, down and I'm not happy bout it. Good thing is I know how to correct it and I am.

Mo wasn't a profitable venture, if u couldn't tell by the way this post started, but it took me 6 hours to lose $200 @ 3/6. lol I played like an idiot alomost every junk hand (3/6 allows u to do that)and had kk, kk, qq all beat down back to back to back. I'm taking a freaking break. I should of just sent $1200 to the Red Cross this week and I'd feel better than I do now. I know I would... I'll be ok. Im a survivor.......always have, always will..Mic

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I'm on my way to Caruthersville, MO and the Aztar Casino. I mentioned I played there before the WSOP. I ready for all those retired calling stations. I need to win back some of the $1000 I've lost on Pokerstars last week and half. . Hope my next post is about profit!! jeese.....

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I'm a better live player than net?

Since my trip to Tunica Pokerstars has been wearing me out (- $800) since sunday, which I won $400 that day. I'm playing good, just losing 75% of the coin flips, and 50% of the 75% favorites, plus a few bad calls late in tourneys. That's poker! WCOOP starts in 3 days!!!! I was + $2200 in last year's events. Hope I still have a bankroll by then. Wished I lived closer to my new ATM, Tunica!!! I need a good session before my next post. Please bless me ole mighty poker gods, bless me. I've donated $200 to the Red Cross for hurricane relief efforts and I encourage all to do the same. I'm glad to live very high up in Tenneessee!!!!