Thursday, November 30, 2006

Some wonderful quotes....

I had a long day at work today but I just read Daniel Negreanu's latest blog post, titled "No Limit Holdem, the search for the American Dream" It had some wonderful qoutes in it such as the following...
" I cant believe I just got bluffed by a 12yr old, how embarrassing"
"when talking about going broke while being a professional poker player, Doyle Brunson has been broke over 500 times in his career. So to those that think you are somehow less of a man if you've been broke before, if you take a look at where Doyle is now, I'd say he's done alright for himself."

I recommend reading the whole post. It made my day. Dan is the Man!

A 100 millioniare is doin ok I guess. I've only been broke about 10 times in my life and only once because of poker so the future must be bright for Micadoo right?

Well this is my second update since I've restarted my poker career. I've added another $200 since my last post, so thats + $400 so far. I know that's not much to write about, but I have yet to have a losing session. Ooops I just jinxed myself...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Poker Blog is Back!!!!!

Drum roll please....dddddddddddddddddddd....After a 7 month hiatus from the poker world Micadoo has returned!! I purchased a lap top over the weeked and found out I had 4 free wireless internet connections in my my apartment, thanks to my nieghbors. Well around midnight I decided to log on to BoDog and play some $50 and $100 heads up matches. Needless to say I finshed up + $230 for the one hour session. Not much I know, but I'll take $200 a day, that's only $6k a month. It seems the players are a little weaker and not as wild on BoDog vs Pokerstars. I look foward to having some profitable days coming up online and working my way back to playing in the circuit again.

Im sure alot of you wonder why I did not play poker the past 7 months, well it was alot of things.... First I had my biggest Tournament win ever taking 1st in the $55k guar $10 rebuy tourn on Poker Stars in Feburary. It gave me a huge bankroll, next I left my employer to pursue making a living at poker. I then headed to Vegas for the WPT World Championship @ the Bellagio. I got to play with Jennifer Harman, Todd Brunson, Marco Tranello, and alot of pro's in the $1k satellites for the WPT. I basically chunked my 16k bankroll on 1k satellites. I was + $2k in the cash games while I was there. Basically broke, I put all my stuff in storage moved back to Dallas, (home) got a real job,lived in a hotel here for almost 4 months (my job paid for) till they finally paid for relocation to Texas, and have been working 60+ hours a week since. So the main reason was I didn't have the time or a computer set up after work to play. I also needed to get my head straight. I was on major tilt online after I got back from Vegas. I made and average of $2k amonth off poker for 2years straight before that big win and I know I'm a great player. I'm back on my game now I just needed a lil time out.......Im Baaaaaaaaaack!

The picture is of a car that flipped on to our lot off of I35. He was going over 100 mph when he lost it and smashed into our trucks...He walked away...what a lucky suck..