Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sorry I haven't posted in a while

Things have been up and down. I'm a little out of my game I guess. I've lost about $600 since my last post. Staying positive and hoping for better results. I haven't played live since my last Tunica trip. Maybe that's the problem. I did win a 40 fpp WSOP super satelitte last week lol. I did play in the $215 tourney on the 15th and played less than normal and couldn't catch a hand. All my pot wins were bluffs and bluffed off my last $1500 in chips with 2 over cards called by 2nd pair. Well that guy sure didn't finish in the money.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Tunica trip results

We'll I managed to finish 10th in the thrusday tourney and cashed for $100. It was a free roll for me because I arrived a little early and won my buy in, one rebuy, and double add on playing 4/8 at a table with a couple of pot feeding fish. Then on Friday I played on a table with dealers and no fish and was up and down for a few hours. My biggest pot was about $200, which I was in the bb with 7-2 suited!! lol Pot was capped pre-flop with 6 callers. Board came 8-7-5-5-5. I won it with my full house. I couldn't believe the pot got capped pre flop with only one pocket pair of 6-6. Well after that I couldn't hit any of my st8 or flush draws the rest of my session so I ended up losing around $ 250 for the whole trip. Oh well I'll be playing next this Sunday in the Pokerstars $215 Sunday tourney. Be back with those results.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

5/3 Action

-100 for today. I'm heading to Tunica. I'm ready for some live action. Riverstars is on a roll lately. lol. Played in the $33 rb WSOP satelitte for only $2. Had about $2800 after the break. 1st hand after break im in sb, button calls, i call, bb checks. Im holdin k-10. Flop k-j-10 rainbow. i bet $300. Im raised $900 by bb which button calls. Hell im only got a lil over 1k if i call so wtf im all-in, both call me with a Q, open ended staight draws, lol. Naturally nine comes on the turn. I lost the rest of my $$ in $11 turbo rebuy satelitte which i finished 29th and got $10. 1st thru 28th got $215. Bust hand, im bb with blinds 4000/8000. I had 8950 and pocket 8's, one caller, flop q-7-6 rainbow player puts me all in for my last 950 and shows k-10 and catches the 10 on the river. The rest of my $$ disappeared in the $5 rebuy tourney. I can't wait for the pokergods to like me once again. I'm going to cash in the tourney and profit in my ring play in Tunica. I'll post those results Friday. Later fellow degenerates.

Monday, May 02, 2005

5/2/05 action and the $530 buy in tourney result.

Minus $55 for today. Had to work. Might be heading to Tunica Thrusday for the rebuy tourney. I cashed for $865 last time I played two weeks ago. Hoping the poker gods quit letting every 2 outer hit against me. Example: Poker Stars $530 buy in tourney two weeks ago sitting about 95th in chips with 800 plyrs left. I'm in 3rd position, I call bb, and 3 others limpin with me, I'm holding a-7 os, flop a-7 -2, Bingo! right? I raise one bet one caller before bb and bb raises $500. Hmmm? he flop a set? He raised too much for a set, no flush draw on board, I put him on ace something, I'm all in for 10k, bb calls, ( he's got me covered by $500 or so). I was right no set!! bb shows 7-2 os. Woo hoo!! chip lead here I come. No way he can hit this two outer!!! Wrong river brings the 2. Fuck me. I lost to 7-2, I'm fucking raising any ace from now on!! lol. I couldn't bitch though, I got my $530 buy in for $42, in the turbo satellite. Plus an extra $530 won another buy in the same day for the same $42. Of course after my bad beat, I'm fuckin on tilt, Im playin heads up for the other $500 dammit!!! Im all in heads up with 8-8 preflop vs a-5c suited, not only does he catch a flush on the turn, an ace hits the river to let me know poker gods sent me to hell that day. lol. I hope yall enjoy this blog.