Monday, October 03, 2005

Turning $25 into $825. Online Blogger Poker Championship.

The beauty of poker!! It so pararells life. The ups and downs. The adulation of winning, the agony of defeat. Poker had not been nice to me for a while. Really since my son was here. When he was, I was playing top level poker. I won nearly $14,000 while he spent the summer with me. After he left I had some very emotional times to say the least. Subsequently I've lost nearly $2500 of that and spent the rest on fun, bills, toys and the idiot fund.

Well that turned to the better last night. As I said, I'm going to just play tourneys and see what happens. Well between three tourneys I invested less than $25 and I won $825. I won two of them. My play was world class. Further showing that Poker is not gambling if you know how to play. It's definetly a sport, much like any professional sport. My dream has always been to be a Professional Athlete. It's coming soon.

The last tourney I won was a $3 rebuy tourney to win $650 seat to the WPT Poker Stars Event satellite this Saturday. 280 people started and only the final 4 won $650. Well I cashed out that $650.

Links for my cash in the 2005 WSOP Circuit Event #1 in Tunica
Link for my cash in 2004 Poker Stars WCOOP Event #3

I went to church Sunday for the fourth straight week. This Sunday I realized that just going to church is not enough. I need to really dedicate myself to renewing my commitment to god. I am starting to do that. I'm not a religious freak, I just want to do the right thing. Always!!!

By the way, if you have a blog, you can register for a free Poker Stars tournament on Oct 23rd, to win one the following prizes, 1 WPT Pokers Stars Seat Package Worth $12,000, Five 24" Dell Flatpanel LCD's, 10 XBox 360s, and 20 iPod Nanos. Just click the link below. Good luck. Hope to see you there.

Poker Championship

I have registered to play in the
Online Poker Blogger Championship!

This event is powered by PokerStars.

Registration code: 1074254


Anonymous said...

Way to go Mic!!! I hope you make it to the Bahamas. Can I go with you? lol

Kassi said...

Sorry, if anyone gets to go to the Bahamas with him, it's me :)

Anonymous said...

Oh really !! lol U wanna fight? What did you think of that poem?