Saturday, October 29, 2005

Build Up Before My Next Vegas Trip!!!

It's so calm, it's like the calm before the storm. 8 days to go. Found out I'm going to be staying at the Luxor. I've stayed there more than any hotel there in my 30+ trips . I've been comped the penthouse there, back in my professional baccarat days, in the mid 90's. It will bring back alot of memories. They have great jacuzzi suites there. I highly recommend them. 4 star and very romantic. If you know what I mean.

Poker has been pretty level. I'm -$14 since last That accounts for about 8hrs of play. I can wait to play in Vegas. I'm playing very well since the WSOP. I plan to play alot today. I'm ready for a big win. I'll keep ya posted. Have a blessed day.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dallas Trip Pics are Up!!!

Check out my photo blog it has all the shots from a great time in Dallas!! This pic is of Kassi,Me,my best friend Jimmy, Marisa Solis, and Jimmy's wife Joelle, from the Friday night party at the Boxcar in DeSoto. Party on!!!!

Im in Union City working, so no poker till tomorrow night. I feel a roll comin on. Need it , Vegas is only 12 days away!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Good Day! +$160 Stuck in Elevator!

Though I was very tired a got some sleep and risked $15 to win $175, that's plus $160 today. Good enough for me . I have to get up @ 4:30 and head to Union City. Man, I feel like a truck driver. Kassi has a great journal about our trip. Refer to her journal @ I couldn't describe the events any better than she did. The pic is the Irving Fire Dept. trying to save us from the trapped elevator at our hotel. I spent 2hrs in that box. Saturday morning. It wasn't fun.

Back Home in Nastville!

1500 miles round trip, 20hrs of driving, we had fun. It was neat to see all of my classmates again. As for poker, I did play in the Online Blogger Championship Sunday and like the Cowboys, I blew it. I doubled my chips by the first break, but ran into to pokect aces back to back (same player too!) and that busted me out. I plan to play some today. Get the good ole bankroll back up. I'll let you know how I do. Have to work tomorrow. Yuk. I'll post all the pics from my trip on my photo blog later.. I'm worn out.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Last post for a while...

Leaving for Dallas in less than 24 hours. It will be very fun. Found out we will be going to the Dallas Mavericks game Sunday night. My best friend Jimmy has season tickets. He invited Kassi & I to come with him and his wife Joelle. I've cashed out my bankroll from Poker Stars. I won't be playing till Sunday in the Online Blogger Poker Championship. I will be back Monday morning so that post will be very a interesting capsule of the trip with photos on my photo blog.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Im sharing my bed with two girls!!

Haha!! Meet my two new additions to the family. Belle(the white one) and Jasmine!! Kassi and I picked them out Saturday. I love them so much!! I've been resistant on getting a pet for years. I get attached and then something tragic happens. With all of the family and pets that I've tragically lost over my life it's hard to start over. They are so cute and cuddly and potty trained too! Poker is still going well +150 today! Made another deposit into my checking account tonight from Poker Stars. Taylor is giving poker a break for a while. "It's too easy" he says, since he can only play on the computer or his Xbox on the weekend , the Xbox is more entertaining than spanking old guys at poker!! lol Dallas is only two days away and Vegas is 2 1/2 weeks away. There is a big poker tourney at Ceasars while I'm there, I should be in it. Got a three star hotel on Priceline for only $50 a night, at the Harvey DFW. Let's see here Kassi, 20yr reunion, State Fair of Texas, Six Flags, and the DFW nightlife, it will be a great weekend!!! Crap I gotta work tomorrow.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Happy Saturday!!

What a beautiful day in Nashville. It was work day for my church today. It was good to do some manual labor and sweat for a change. One of the best lessons in the Bible is that you must give in order to recieve. I love to give. Poker is going well I'm + $500 for the week. Played with David Williams Mom in the $30 rebuy WPT tourney last night. We chatted alot, a very nice lady. She cashed in 11th and I finished 28th, getting closer. lol

Tonight is my friend's birthday party, it should be fun. Happy birthday Rob. Seem's like everyone is having a birthday lately. Got your Powerball tickets yet? Saw the movie Elizabethtown last night it was ok. Best part was going with Kassi and her family. I really like them. Got Gary Allen's new CD, it's a good one!! I recommend it . In the McDonalds Monopoly game found out that Boardwalk and Tenneessee Ave are the rare pieces. Add those to Mediterranean Ave. Found out they will be showing the Dallas game locally here Yea!! Go Boys!! I'm getting ready to head to Dallas Wednesday night, I'm excited!!! Life is good, have a blessed day my friends!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Best pic of us yet!!!

I just had to post this pic!!! I love my librarian !! Dimples galore!! I'm so lucky!! I love glasses!!! I'm whipped. I know.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I know, I said I was going to work today...

Well in a way I did. Can you say + $800?? I decided this morning to drive to Union City tomorrow. So I logged on to play world class poker and turned $25 into $825, plus $800 for the day. Won $175 in a $5 rebuy turbo tourney and the big win was for $650 in a $3 rebuy tourney. 169 players started and only the final two would win. When it was down to the final three, I was the short stack and the other two had at least a 3 to 1 chip advantage on me. Third only paid $33 a difference of $617. My world class skills solved that!! I really impressed myself with my play. No stupid bluffs this time. I've had problems on final tables lately, making fish mistakes, but not today baby. No way!!

The pics are of Kassi (what a great smile) and the mailbox I demolished about a month ago with my trailblazer. Don't text and drive!!! Today is our anniversary!! I bought 30 powerball picks tonight. Guess ya'll will find out if I win. Yea right. I promise no poker tomorrow, have to get up @ 4:30 am and drive 400 miles. I'll be home by 5 though. Have a wonderful evening friends!!!

Another Great Day!!!

Deposited money into my checking account from my Poker Stars account!!! Bout time. Kassi and I went to see the movie Waiting. It was very funny. If you work in the resturant industry its a must see. Kinda like the movie Used Cars, starring Kurt Russell, is for us car guys.

Well I have to work my real job today, so no poker till Thursday. I've been playing about 6 to 8 hrs everyday latley. I have to take a break or I will proboly go on tilt. I felt it coming on tonight. My experience has taught me when to take break, finally. LOL

The idoit fund got another $29 contribution today. Cap 1 nailed me for going .30 cents over my limit. No wonder Corporate America is one of my objects of assualt on my conspiracy blog.

My life is going so good now. I can't wait for Xmas. Tay will be here and it will be the first family Xmas I've really had in years. I'm so excited about the future in every aspect of my life except one...The good ole I.R.S. When you win and make big money they are kind of a nusiance. Oh well guess that's a good problem to have. Taxes, just another way to pad the mega-rich's pockets. I know all my tax money is going to Halliburton. I'm so thrilled about that.

The pics I've posted are Kas & I at Casa Fiesta Sunday night & Kas putting a dent in the hood of my new Trailblazer. LOL She has now left her mark forever. I'm not complaining. Now everytime I look at my hood I can thimk of my girl!! I blame it on the Monster Margarita!! Ya'll like my personalized plate?? I do!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My new blog is up!!!

Now I can really rant and rave. I'm so pissed at the government, the mega-rich, big corporate america, and the military industrial complex. I'm letting loose. I hope you will join me with your opinions and comments. The blog is emailed to CNN with every new post. I'm asking practical questions and offering practical solutions to major problems we as a society face. Hopefully we will wake up someday and quit taking this BS that the above mentioned keep burying us with.

As for last nights poker action I finished 36th in the $30 rebuy WPT PCA event last night. Thats an improvement of 20 places from Sunday. AQ has been my downfall lately. I know what a fish hand. Don't know if I'm playin tonight . My baby is coming over and we are going to see Elizabethtown or Waiting. I don't think Elizabethtown is out yet. Well I'm actually playing right now in a 500 fpp tourney to win $215. Just have to make the final table to win. Down to 98 now I'm 42 nd in chips. Have a great day!!!!

By the way if you're playing the McDonalds Monopoly game, Mediterranean Ave is the rare piece for the ipod. I got Baltic.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

I told ya so.. Da Boys are back!!!

Check my August post archives, I predicted that McNabb was going to get blasted and boy did he ever. What a beautiful game!! Nothing like seeing T.O. and McNabb looking like they just got there butts royally kicked.

After the game Me and Kas went to my favorite resturant Casa Fiesta, shared a Monster Margarita and dinner. It was a great day!!!!

As for poker, no luck. Played in the $30 rebuy satelitte finished 58th and I went ahead and played in the $650 direct WPT PCA satelittle Saturday finished 124th. Oh well, I still have a $900 W$ bankroll.

My old home.

This is the USS Midway CV-41. I lived aboard her from 86-89 while homeported in Yokosuka, Japan. She was retired from service after being the lead carrier in the first Gulf War. She is now a museum at the Navy Pier in San Diego. I can't wait to take my son and visit her once again. I traveled the world aboard her. I visited Hong Kong, Austrailia, Phillippines, Korea, Thailand , and Africa while I was aboard. Many fond memories are aboard her. It's where I changed from a boy to a man. It's also where a initally commited my life to christ. The messenger was Zacharia Powers. He encouraged me to attend bible study with him and eventually saved me and my spiritual life. I would love to return to the exact spot where that happend. I think it will be a great father son moment when Taylor & I visit. Hopefully we can do it this summer or maybe spring break.
I decided not to play in the $650 WPT PCA Satellite today. I'll wait till I build my bank roll a little more. I have alot of time to qualify anyway. I've gotten alot of positive feedback from alot of Poker Stars players about my blog. Thanks guys.
My mother turned 73 years young yesterday. Happy Birthday Mom!!! I love You!
One final note I need to work on my sense of humour cause it does rub some people wrong sometimes. Sorry I just want to laugh, and HAVE FUN!! LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Another $650 Win!! This one's on Kassi!!!

The roll continues my friends. This time it was a $25 rebuy satellite. I have to thank Kassi for this one. I was planning on heading down to the Stage on Broadway tonight but Kassi texted me, said she wanted to see me after she got off work, so I played poker till she came over and won another $650. That makes three $650 wins this week!! On top of that, my son Taylor transferred $100 from his Poker Stars account into mine. (Without permission he went on tilt and lost $200 out of my Poker Stars account this summer while I was at work) A 14 year old kickin butt on Poker Stars. lol. Well if college doesn't work out he has poker to fall back on as a career. I'm such a terrible role model. I guess we'll find out.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Roll Continues....

I'm now +$1,200 for the week. Won another $650 WPT seat tonight. 10% of the way to the Bahamas!! I've won 2 $175 seats and 2 $650 seats. I cashed all of them out. I might play in the $650 satellite Saturday. Still debating it. Hopefully this is the path leading to Professional Pokerdom for Micadoo!! We'll see.

The picture is from my trip to Union City this week.Let's see who can come up with the best capition. Happy Halloween. Exactley 14 days till I'm back in Big D.! 31 days till Vegas!! The countdown has begun..

Monday, October 03, 2005

Turning $25 into $825. Online Blogger Poker Championship.

The beauty of poker!! It so pararells life. The ups and downs. The adulation of winning, the agony of defeat. Poker had not been nice to me for a while. Really since my son was here. When he was, I was playing top level poker. I won nearly $14,000 while he spent the summer with me. After he left I had some very emotional times to say the least. Subsequently I've lost nearly $2500 of that and spent the rest on fun, bills, toys and the idiot fund.

Well that turned to the better last night. As I said, I'm going to just play tourneys and see what happens. Well between three tourneys I invested less than $25 and I won $825. I won two of them. My play was world class. Further showing that Poker is not gambling if you know how to play. It's definetly a sport, much like any professional sport. My dream has always been to be a Professional Athlete. It's coming soon.

The last tourney I won was a $3 rebuy tourney to win $650 seat to the WPT Poker Stars Event satellite this Saturday. 280 people started and only the final 4 won $650. Well I cashed out that $650.

Links for my cash in the 2005 WSOP Circuit Event #1 in Tunica
Link for my cash in 2004 Poker Stars WCOOP Event #3

I went to church Sunday for the fourth straight week. This Sunday I realized that just going to church is not enough. I need to really dedicate myself to renewing my commitment to god. I am starting to do that. I'm not a religious freak, I just want to do the right thing. Always!!!

By the way, if you have a blog, you can register for a free Poker Stars tournament on Oct 23rd, to win one the following prizes, 1 WPT Pokers Stars Seat Package Worth $12,000, Five 24" Dell Flatpanel LCD's, 10 XBox 360s, and 20 iPod Nanos. Just click the link below. Good luck. Hope to see you there.

Poker Championship

I have registered to play in the
Online Poker Blogger Championship!

This event is powered by PokerStars.

Registration code: 1074254

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Another day in Paradise

Well well, Poker is not going to well. Call me the bubble boy. Yes I love playing for three or four hours to take those bad beats right before the bubble. I'm taking it easy for a while. I need to save money for my two trips coming up. Check out my new photo blog I have a new best friend and I am very happy about our relationship. This is the first best friend I've had in Tenneessee. The future is very bright for us. I plan to play some low stakes tourneys tonight and tomorrow. I hope to win a seat to the Poker Stars WPT event in the Bahamas this January. I'll keep yall posted..