Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cha-Ching $$$

Finished 6th for a cash of $2376 in the $150 nl tourney. Plus $2650 today. Great day at work!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

No WSOP this year.

Just call me bubble boy. Yes one away on the bubble in a $30 rebuy satellite on PS. Then had 2200 in chips on the final table of a $160 double shootout with 7 players left and PS goes on the blink (lost their server for over an hour) and cancelled the tourney. They paid my a chop of 12k, which was $1900 which I then proceed to burn in 30/60 with in 2hrs. Since the pressure is off to qualify for the WSOP, my play and profit have exploded in the last 8 days, I'm plus $2,000 playing my specialty, heads up nl $100 to an ocassional $500. My goal is to bank at least $200 per day. Right now and Im on an 8 day streak right now. It nice to have money being deposited in my checking account versus outgoing. lol Well Im playin in a $150 nl tourn on ps right now $52k prize pool. Hope my next post is about the 13k i just won in it.