Thursday, September 13, 2007

I know, it's been a while....

Things have been amazingly nomal since I last posted. I'm absolutely in love and still playing poker online for a living. Yep pretty boing. I'm still not making what my real job paid but I'm on a heater right now in mtt's, and had some near misses at some $10k plus cashes in the past few days. Bottom line is I'm a large +even player this year and I am getting better everyday and the big $$$ is about to hit. Mark my words. Plus it's time for me and K to go on a fun vaction. She's never been to Vegas or Cancun so that's proboly one of the places we are going. Hopefully in the next few weeks.

Beyond that I love fall weather in Texas...perfect temps. Went to the Cowboy game Sunday night and lost my $300 razor phone at the game. A good samaritian turned it into the stadium office and I got it back. When I went to pick it up, Tony Romo got in his suburban right next to me. He had a huge smile on his face. Wonder why?? lol