Sunday, May 27, 2007

6th place in the $100k tourney on Bodog today!!

So close to 1st and the $25k prize, but the $4500 I won for sixth place will have to do for now. lol. I needed that $$$ badly. The poker career continues...

My final table appearance was noted on Card Player.Com
and on the Bodog Beat Check it out.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Im on the news tonight!

K and I were interviewed by Ch 8 news in Sundance Square coming out of my bank at lunch today. We didn't know who it was at first, this guy in a suit with a mic comes up and starts asking me questions. We should be on @ 5, 6 and 10 pm. Click here to see us on the Ch 8 news.

Sunday of drowining at the river.

Sunday of drowning at the river. My last 4 tourney bust outs Sunday follows:
all on the river too!!! Both KK hands I was in the top 10 in chips
Me KK vs JJ J on river for a set . I was a 95% favorite to win before river
Me KK vs 10-5 os donk hits two pair on river 88% favorite before river
Me 99 vs A-4 ace on river 93% favorite before river
Me BB 7-2 NOT RAISED, flop comes K-7-2 rainbow all in , called by K-6 .. then K on the river. 81% favorite before river This one hurt, it was in the 50K BoDog tourney about 50 from the money.

Well cant wait to play tonight because the statistical correction is due! lol
Guess that's what I get for being a myspace bully this weekend. It's wierd I enjoy tourney play more than cash play lately. I did have some cashes this weekend though but nothing major. I've logged a about a 100hrs in the biggest nl game the 10/20. That game will get your heart pumping. I've learned that set over set is the biggest winning hand and the biggest ass fuck you can get in that game, and of course there's always good ole AA vs KK too.