Saturday, August 27, 2005

My old bookie wins WSOP CIRCUIT $10k MAIN EVENT.

Gregg Merkow, my ex-bookie, won the latest WSOP Circuit event in Tunica. He won over $550K with a $1000 investment. I still owe Gregg some $$$ from my degenerate gambler days. He didn't recognize me when I was a railbird shooting pics with my new camera phone. Maybe he wont beat my ass now. lol. Congrats Gregg!! Guess if I make it in poker, we will meet again. lol.
Well stupid ass me, show's up in Tunica on Tues, hoping to qualify for the main event thru a satellitte, but the main event is already down to 27 players. I'm an idiot. I know who's fault that is..and it starts with a B. Man Im so discombullated lately. Oh well, thats what new friends can do to you. With nothing to play but ring games it was time to head to the Horseshoe and play some serious 10/20. 36hrs later I'm up $1300. That's two great Tunica runs now. Does that mean I'm getting closer of my dream of professional pokerdome? I wish. I found some WPT boxers for only $3 today. I rock!! These are pics of the final three tables of the WSOP Tunica Main Event. Featured are Kathy Liebert, Chip Jett, and John Juanda and my chip stack @ 10/20. Blog ya soon!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Back to WSOP and Philly fan's

Leavin today for tunica. Its super and mega satellitte time wednesday. Hope hope hope. All I need is that $10k buy in and I'll make it to the final table!!!! I always wanted to be be a pro athlete on ESPN, thought it would be through baseball, not poker. My boys looked decent on MNF. That 1st round pick Ware is a bad ass!!! Did u see that interception? That dude is a d lineman wtf? This dude looks better than LT. Watch out Mcnabb!!! Ur gonna get hurt. Im done...Played quarters for the 1st time since college tonight. HAVENT' DRANK ON A WEEKDAY IN OVER 5 YEARS. Im so bad. it's 2:48 im going to my nice soft bed. Blog ya soon.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Back from Tunica with a profit.

Played in WSOP event # 4 Tuesday. I had more chips after the 1st break than I did in event #1, but I played way too loose. I made a all in bluff for my last $800 in chips with Q4 and was called by a 98 suited and he paired up. Not my tourney I guess. The night before I played 4/8 at the grand and lost like $40 over 3 hrs of play. After Event #4 I wanted to win my $340 buyin back in 4/8 at the horseshoe. I proceeded to play bad and lost another $140. So I went back to the grand and got serious and stepped up to 10/20. Over the next 12hrs I proceeded to win $1550. I was at a great table. Perfect combo of good and bad players. Got payed off on every hand. I even hit quads and raked a huge pot. I also met Bryan Micon of NWP, cool dude. The only pro I saw around was Matt Dean. The next day I played in 2 one table WSOP satellittes and lost $350. After that I had to leave for Union City. I'm planning to head back for the megasatellittes for the $10k main event which starts a week from monday. Playin online Sunday on PS sunday $215 tourn. On a personal note I met the most beautiful person last night and my head is still spinnin'. That's extremely rare 4 me. The pic is of my payout of my 61st place in Event #1.

Friday, August 12, 2005


873 players started the day . I got blinded out after 10 hrs of play and pocketed $510. I now have Career WSOP Earnimgs LOL. I played well but made some mistakes early by not bluffing enough. I got lucky only once and i had an opened st8 on the flop to win that. I lost all of the coin flips but always had a big chip advantage in those situations. I got to play on the ESPN FINAL TABLE when we got down to 7 tables. I saw about 50 hands and never got a card and got blinded out. I was in the bb for $3k with only $3k in my stack left. A3 in the hole im all in vs aa. Goodnite MICADOO. Lets see 10hrs of play im +$170. Ummmh the luxury of playing online. I won $130 the day before in Caruthersville, MO at the Aztar Casino playin 4/8 for about 2hrs. A table of call stations. Old retired guys. I could make a living on that boat. lol Wish I could of stayed longer but I had to get to Tunica and register for the WSOP event. I'm planning to head back for event # 4 tuesday. Hopefully we can make the final table this time. lol

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Heading to Tunica for WSOP Circuit event #1

I play in event #1 Thursday. Should be fun. I'm down $300 online since my last post. I haven't gone on tilt in a while, thats a great sign. Thanks to Zaira for the post. I never knew if anybody read my blog. Spent the weekend in Dallas by complete fluke. I was playing online thrus and started looking for a next day fare from BNA to DFW. I said to myself if i can get a ticket for $100 I'll go. Priceline best deal $532. Orbitz $132 WOW! 8 hrs notice. So i booked my flight and car (rented a 4x4 Trailblazer) on orbitz and booked my hotel on priceline. Sometimes you have to mix and match. Of course i had a blast in Big D. I will be back there for the MNF game against the Redskins 9/19. Well here's to winning a WSOP Circuit Bracelet...Please Mr. Poker God. By the way I am from Texas and I hate Bush! George that is. LoL

Thursday, August 04, 2005

I found this site by googleing my ps screen name micadoo. This site keeps records of all pokerstars normal cash tourneys, the winnigs and placing for every player on ps who has cashed in any $5 buy in or higher tourney. You can just type in a screen name of who your playing against and see there cash finishes on ps. What a great tool. In one of my heads up matches I totally mind screwed a guy by telling him how much he had won,where he placed, on what day, and what he bought in for. It projected my image as a very good player. I controlled the entire match. I need to do this alot more. lol

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

good run going since last post

From my last post i pocketed another 4k playing strictly heads up sit n gos between $200 to $500 buy ins. Cashed out the $4000 and spent most of it lol. After that i lost the remaining $2k left in my account, added another $500, then won $900, and cashed out $200 today. The $200 sng I played today had the following suck out to my benefit. After a great battle over 30 mins(which online is about 150+ hands) the following hand sealed the deal for lucky me. I hold 33 and I raise all in, Called by 77, flop comes 3-7-3, i thought his other seven was coming, it didn't and i only played for 30 mins +$190, done for the day. lol. I currently have $700 in my PS acct. Back to my plan of winning $200 per day and quitting once i win the $200. Then cash out $200 per day. Thats $6k per month. I am currently + $4400 since july 1st. Goal is to add another $5600 by August 31st. I'll keep you posted. By the way I bought my self my own birthday present, a black 2005 trailblazer. I love it. May the poker gods shine on us... amen