Monday, October 30, 2006

To be continued.....

My poker career that is. I'm mainly posting my blog on my myspace page. Have a blessed day.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Home Sweet Freakin Home!!!!

Finally I moved!! I'm offically a resident of Coppell I had a great trip back to Nashville but was reminded why I moved back to Dallas. Nothing compares to this city. I've lived all over the country and you can't beat Dallas for fun things to do. My new apt is huge. I havent unpacked shit yet and have alot to do to get all settled in, but I got my bed and I sleep like a baby. Jasmine is so happy now. Poor thing was traumatized by a lil poodle since I left Nashville, then the 12hr ride in my UHaul, but she is so happy now. She is the biggest purr machine.

Went to the Tracy Lawerence Concert Saturday Night @ Cowboys and it was packed. It reminded me of the Cowboys of 8 years ago. The wildest place to go out ever. As you can see by the pic it was nuts after the concert. Now my only worry is my taxes. We'll see what unfolds. Shouldn't be too bad.