Thursday, April 13, 2006

What an interesting trip..

I got to play a 1 table satellitte at the Bellagio with Todd Brunson and Marco Tranello with Jennifer Harman sitting behind him. Marco and Jen were to my immediate right. I was in poker heaven. I played in another one with Chris Grigorian and busted him to a small stack only to have him put me out later. Over all the trip was learning experiece. In the cash games I was up $1k for the trip. I made big hits at the MGM playing $1/$2 NLH and $2/$5 NLH. My down fall was going on satellite tilt. I played in 10 satelittes and came close but got stuck for 3 dimes. Oh well I'm even for the month and got a free trip to Vegas.

Back to rebuilding the bankroll online. I'll be putting the hours in at the $3/$6 NLH and the $200 NLH heads up sit n go matches. I hope to head back to vegas in three weeks for the WSOPSE at Ceasars and the Mirage WPT event. We''ll see. I'm $645 online today already. :)

Friday, April 07, 2006

First Week as a Full Time Internet Pro....

I made $2300 since last Thrusday. Next week I work in Vegas. My goal is to play in the $1500 buy in tournament (event #4 in the WPT event) at the Bellagio Monday. All the pro's will be there while I'm there. GSN will be taping another season of High Stakes Poker atThe Palms Monday and Tuesday. All the big boys are playing. I aslo found out the Sahara has a test track that for only $10 you can take brand new 2007 Corvette around a 1/2 mile road course twice, or if offroading is your game you can take a new Hummer or Escalade on the off road course. The tracks are permanent and real. They make you take a breathalizer before you can drive. lol. That should be fun. I guess I'm offically a pro now, if you Google Michael Nast you will see thats what Card Player magazine lists me as one. I didnt plan to play today but I couldnt resist and won $200. 3 wins 1 loss in $100 nl heads up matches.

On a funny note, the weather was awsome today so I've had my patio door open. Every now and then a fly would make the mistake of flying in. Bad move. Super Jazz (my cat) is a super preadator. It's the funniest crap watching her chase and jump all over my apartment to get this invader in our house. I about pissed myself it was so funny. I got to video it sometime. Well have a good morning I'm going to bed soon. Nite.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

36 hrs till Vegas...

Or till I get on a plane that is. I didn't have to play today because I won over $400 yesterday. I went to lunch, visited mom, and now am heading to the Fiddle & Steel for a poker tournament that my friend Jared has invited me to. It's a super- super satelitte for this year's WSOP. It aught to be fun. Life is going so good for me right now, I just have to pinch myself sometimes. Thank you God. U the man. Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

So on my game right now...

I'm playing so good right now, things are going good. Heading to Vegas for the WPT World Championship at the Bellagio and going to try to win a super satelitte to the $25k World Championship. I don't know how long I'll be in Vegas, but this will be a fun trip. I' ve won $1600 in the last 48hrs online. Life is good.

" Poker is more art than science, and that's what makes it so difficult to master. Knowing what to do -the science- is only 10% of the game. knowing how to do it-the art- is the other 90%. You not only have to know what to bet, when to bet, when to raise, and when to fold... you also have to be able do to these things with a certain finesse."

Doyle Brunson from his book Super System

Monday, April 03, 2006

Down and up Sunday.

I'm definitely living he poker life. Go to bed around 5 or 6 am. wake up at noon or later. Well as I found out that's not condusive to church at 10 am. I decided to just stay up all night Saturday and go to bed after church. I made it till 8 am and passed out and missed church. I know I suck!

Poker was a wild ride yesterday. Started off losiing (count em) 4 $200 heads up no limit matches that put me minus $800 right off the bat. Well I then won (count em) 6 in a row! After some win on e lose one afew more times I ended the day + $185. Being the $800 loss right off the bat I was happy. In one of those matches I had a guy down to 20 in chips vs my 2980 and he won the next 8 hands and then eventually the match. The ole saying a chip and a chair. So true.

I have won enough lately that I don't really have to play till I get to Vegas Saturday. I'm sure I will though. Going to the new Larry the Cable Guy flick in a few hours, then come home and work (poker) for a while. Life's good, just wish I didn't miss church. The funny thing is I stayed home Saturday night. lol

Saturday, April 01, 2006

1st day at the new job +$500

April 1st and time to start my dream job full time. I won $500 already today. No more poker for me till after church tomorrow. This is what I love about this job, play for maybe an hour , win $500, party tonight, do whatever today not even have to worry about playing or money. Wow. I know its not always this easy but I've takin enough one day $5k swings now I think I can manage them better now. Maybe soon I'll be talking bout my $50k swings per day. It's beautiful outside so I'm heading out to enjoy the weather. Going hiking or something like that. Anybody want to play? lol Have a wonderfully blessed day.....Mic