Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm a full time grinder now!!!

Well not having any banking options to play online I tried ewallet and was able to play online instead of traveling to Shreveport to grind it out for a few days. Well my decision to stay home didnt pay off yesterday..I ended up -200...but today was a different story..I won Bodog's $8500 afternoon guaranteed tourney for $2330!! Yes! My back has been against the wall lately and finally the luck factor helped me on two hands that I should of lost. It was a pay back from the bad beats I've been taking. I'm so happy got rent paid now!!! lol The life of a grinder...a small ball one that is ....for now lol.

I've finally figured out how to paste my my space blog entries here. There are a few posts missing but they can be seen on my My Space account