Saturday, October 08, 2005

My old home.

This is the USS Midway CV-41. I lived aboard her from 86-89 while homeported in Yokosuka, Japan. She was retired from service after being the lead carrier in the first Gulf War. She is now a museum at the Navy Pier in San Diego. I can't wait to take my son and visit her once again. I traveled the world aboard her. I visited Hong Kong, Austrailia, Phillippines, Korea, Thailand , and Africa while I was aboard. Many fond memories are aboard her. It's where I changed from a boy to a man. It's also where a initally commited my life to christ. The messenger was Zacharia Powers. He encouraged me to attend bible study with him and eventually saved me and my spiritual life. I would love to return to the exact spot where that happend. I think it will be a great father son moment when Taylor & I visit. Hopefully we can do it this summer or maybe spring break.
I decided not to play in the $650 WPT PCA Satellite today. I'll wait till I build my bank roll a little more. I have alot of time to qualify anyway. I've gotten alot of positive feedback from alot of Poker Stars players about my blog. Thanks guys.
My mother turned 73 years young yesterday. Happy Birthday Mom!!! I love You!
One final note I need to work on my sense of humour cause it does rub some people wrong sometimes. Sorry I just want to laugh, and HAVE FUN!! LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

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West Texas Man said...

Happy B-Day Micadoo Mom!!!!