Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dallas Trip Pics are Up!!!

Check out my photo blog http://www.micsphotos.blogspot.com it has all the shots from a great time in Dallas!! This pic is of Kassi,Me,my best friend Jimmy, Marisa Solis, and Jimmy's wife Joelle, from the Friday night party at the Boxcar in DeSoto. Party on!!!!

Im in Union City working, so no poker till tomorrow night. I feel a roll comin on. Need it , Vegas is only 12 days away!!!


Kassi said...

I can't believe you're leaving in 12 days :( Good thing we can go out Friday after you get back! Love ya!

Amy Waddle said...

Great site Michael - had an awesome time at the reunion you and Kassi look great, best of luck to you both AND on your poker dreams!!!