Friday, October 07, 2005

Another $650 Win!! This one's on Kassi!!!

The roll continues my friends. This time it was a $25 rebuy satellite. I have to thank Kassi for this one. I was planning on heading down to the Stage on Broadway tonight but Kassi texted me, said she wanted to see me after she got off work, so I played poker till she came over and won another $650. That makes three $650 wins this week!! On top of that, my son Taylor transferred $100 from his Poker Stars account into mine. (Without permission he went on tilt and lost $200 out of my Poker Stars account this summer while I was at work) A 14 year old kickin butt on Poker Stars. lol. Well if college doesn't work out he has poker to fall back on as a career. I'm such a terrible role model. I guess we'll find out.


Graham Jones said...

That brings back memories.

In fact, you might like my novel:

Extempore said...

She's hot. You must have to win alot to keep that around. Hope to see you & Kassi @ the PCA in the Bahamas. Wish i started playing @ 14.

Kassi said...

I want you to go out, just not by yourself. Go out with me, or Rob, or Joey and Jared. That way it's more fun and safe! Love you! And good job on your poker playing this week! (PS are you making up more imaginary friends...?)