Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Another Great Day!!!

Deposited money into my checking account from my Poker Stars account!!! Bout time. Kassi and I went to see the movie Waiting. It was very funny. If you work in the resturant industry its a must see. Kinda like the movie Used Cars, starring Kurt Russell, is for us car guys.

Well I have to work my real job today, so no poker till Thursday. I've been playing about 6 to 8 hrs everyday latley. I have to take a break or I will proboly go on tilt. I felt it coming on tonight. My experience has taught me when to take break, finally. LOL

The idoit fund got another $29 contribution today. Cap 1 nailed me for going .30 cents over my limit. No wonder Corporate America is one of my objects of assualt on my conspiracy blog.

My life is going so good now. I can't wait for Xmas. Tay will be here and it will be the first family Xmas I've really had in years. I'm so excited about the future in every aspect of my life except one...The good ole I.R.S. When you win and make big money they are kind of a nusiance. Oh well guess that's a good problem to have. Taxes, just another way to pad the mega-rich's pockets. I know all my tax money is going to Halliburton. I'm so thrilled about that.

The pics I've posted are Kas & I at Casa Fiesta Sunday night & Kas putting a dent in the hood of my new Trailblazer. LOL She has now left her mark forever. I'm not complaining. Now everytime I look at my hood I can thimk of my girl!! I blame it on the Monster Margarita!! Ya'll like my personalized plate?? I do!!!


Rippy said...

Mic are you sure you didn't contribute to the dent in your hood??? We want all the details my friend.

Kassi said...

It's not that big of a dent... we were just trying to use up film! Lol.

rippy said...

Sure you were.