Saturday, October 15, 2005

Happy Saturday!!

What a beautiful day in Nashville. It was work day for my church today. It was good to do some manual labor and sweat for a change. One of the best lessons in the Bible is that you must give in order to recieve. I love to give. Poker is going well I'm + $500 for the week. Played with David Williams Mom in the $30 rebuy WPT tourney last night. We chatted alot, a very nice lady. She cashed in 11th and I finished 28th, getting closer. lol

Tonight is my friend's birthday party, it should be fun. Happy birthday Rob. Seem's like everyone is having a birthday lately. Got your Powerball tickets yet? Saw the movie Elizabethtown last night it was ok. Best part was going with Kassi and her family. I really like them. Got Gary Allen's new CD, it's a good one!! I recommend it . In the McDonalds Monopoly game found out that Boardwalk and Tenneessee Ave are the rare pieces. Add those to Mediterranean Ave. Found out they will be showing the Dallas game locally here Yea!! Go Boys!! I'm getting ready to head to Dallas Wednesday night, I'm excited!!! Life is good, have a blessed day my friends!!!

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