Sunday, October 16, 2005

Im sharing my bed with two girls!!

Haha!! Meet my two new additions to the family. Belle(the white one) and Jasmine!! Kassi and I picked them out Saturday. I love them so much!! I've been resistant on getting a pet for years. I get attached and then something tragic happens. With all of the family and pets that I've tragically lost over my life it's hard to start over. They are so cute and cuddly and potty trained too! Poker is still going well +150 today! Made another deposit into my checking account tonight from Poker Stars. Taylor is giving poker a break for a while. "It's too easy" he says, since he can only play on the computer or his Xbox on the weekend , the Xbox is more entertaining than spanking old guys at poker!! lol Dallas is only two days away and Vegas is 2 1/2 weeks away. There is a big poker tourney at Ceasars while I'm there, I should be in it. Got a three star hotel on Priceline for only $50 a night, at the Harvey DFW. Let's see here Kassi, 20yr reunion, State Fair of Texas, Six Flags, and the DFW nightlife, it will be a great weekend!!! Crap I gotta work tomorrow.

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Micon said...

Micadoo you are a cradle robber! U freak! lol. have a great trip my friend.