Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My new blog is up!!!

Now I can really rant and rave. http://theultimateconspiracy.blogspot.com I'm so pissed at the government, the mega-rich, big corporate america, and the military industrial complex. I'm letting loose. I hope you will join me with your opinions and comments. The blog is emailed to CNN with every new post. I'm asking practical questions and offering practical solutions to major problems we as a society face. Hopefully we will wake up someday and quit taking this BS that the above mentioned keep burying us with.

As for last nights poker action I finished 36th in the $30 rebuy WPT PCA event last night. Thats an improvement of 20 places from Sunday. AQ has been my downfall lately. I know what a fish hand. Don't know if I'm playin tonight . My baby is coming over and we are going to see Elizabethtown or Waiting. I don't think Elizabethtown is out yet. Well I'm actually playing right now in a 500 fpp tourney to win $215. Just have to make the final table to win. Down to 98 now I'm 42 nd in chips. Have a great day!!!!

By the way if you're playing the McDonalds Monopoly game, Mediterranean Ave is the rare piece for the ipod. I got Baltic.