Saturday, November 12, 2005

WOW!!! What a Trip!!

5 freaking days in Vegas, Tournament of Champions, the big game, all the pro's out, Jose Cuevro 1800 chilled, no sleep, and pictures galore.

I'm back home!! What a wild ride. Let me break in down on a day by day basis.

Monday head over for the start if day two for the Tournament of Champions, which will air Xmas eve on ESPN, you might see me on it. 30 players left, including Doyle Brunson, Phil Helmuth, Mike Matsow, Hoyt Corkins, "The Grinder" Michael Mizrachi, & Johhny Chan. After that I head over to the $4/$8 at the Belliago, 4 Hrs later +$240 and I won $300 on the Colts blowout of the Pats. + $540 for the 1st day!!!

Tuesday haed over to the final table at Tourny of Champs but too many people in line to watch. 0n too the Bellagio, 3 hrs later + $140. Now +$680 total. I have a work get together on Freemont St. I buy one of those yard long margaritas and it turns into a wild Vegas night with one of my producers named Jason and his wife. They have never been out of TN in their lives, so they are nuts and ready to party. I blow $150 on craps and keno of all things and another $250 on partying at Coyote Ugly with Jason and his wife. All nighter.

Wed. head over to my new job at the Bellagio. lol. I play er for 4 hours and am +$1 then in the next three I get up $250. While I'm playing the Big Game starts right behind me. Doyle Brunson, Jennifer Harman, Ted Forrest, Gus Hansen, Barry Greenstien, David Grey, Eli Elizra, Johhny Chan. They play a $2k/$4k mixed game of stud, ohmaha, low ball, 27, and holdem. Then after my Dinner break I finally , after playing 8 hours start playing like an amatuer and end up $-230 for the day. Im beat, I crash.

Thrusday I do this touristy things in the morning. See the casinos I haven't before, shop, then head back to the Bellagio to play. I loss $100 in about an hour so quit. I was playing good just horrible beats like my aa vs jj (river jack). Then I enter a $67 torney at the Luxour about 35 enteries and I finshed third to win $250. That put's me up $150 for the day. I want to check out the night clubs on my last night. So I head over to Coyote Ugly for a Yard Margarita, the RA at the Luxour (ho hum) then to Studio 54 at MGM it was the spot. One of the coolest clubs I've been in. Bout 3 a.m. I head back to the Luxour and find an interesting game. $50 buy in $1/$2 NL Holdem game. You can only buy in for $50 and can only rebuy if you have less than $50. Wow, I shy away from No Limit ring games because u can lose a few k on one hand like aa vs kk.
This was a game that allowed u to play without that danger. It was around 4 am when I sat down at the table with my McDonalds in hand and I'm drunk. I sit down and asct like an out of control tourist who does know what I'm doing. The 1st hand I get is AK. I'm all in for my $50. I lose to 1010. Next $50 all in I lose my 1010 to AK, next I lose JJ to A10, on and on I end up losing $250. I'm to bed at 7am with a 11am check out. Ouch

Friday after checking out I have till 3pm before my flight I play the NL game and suffer three bad beats all 2 or 3 outers and end up -$150 for the final day. So that makes me exactley even for the trip. LOL What the heck? We'll I should of had alot more profit, take out the bad beats and the 3hrs of fish play Wed night I would of been $1000 up. I'm over all happy with my live play. I played all cash games an only one tournament which I finished 3rd. Cash games are not my strong point. I really shy away from them, but this trip has really improved my cash game play and I'm alot more confident in it now.

I'm home a ready to get back to my online game. I'm ready for some big tourney's this weekend. The best part of my trip was coming home to Kas. She makes me so happy. Take care. I'll try to put up the pics tomorrow.

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