Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Some good poker advise & a dead Halloween ...

If you can't play your best poker game, it's simple, dont play. You must be mentally focused and clear in order to keep from going broke. If you are depressed or thinking too much about other things that are bothering you, you lose. That's exactley why I have lost $400 since Saturday. The ups and downs, the bad beats and of course the bad plays all arise when you're not mentally on your game. My ablity to recognize my problem allows me to address and correct it. Thus I'm playing winnig poker today. Cashed in my first tourney today that started with 1279 players, I finished 115th and am already in the money in the 2nd tourney today that started 1449 players.

On a personal note, Halloween was dead in Nashville. It's the biggest party of the year in many places. The most infamous place I've been for Halloween was 6th street in Austin. Kas & I went to dinner on Demonbraun (dead) , checked out Broadway (dead), went to The Slaughter House, which was a good haunted house for $10. After that we stopped by Silverados, on the way home, and it was hosting a swing dancers party.(what a joke) So we rented a few movies, bought a bottle of crown {4 me) and went home.

Well I'm 22 of 79 left in this tourney so I better go. Plus the Mavs are playing their opener vs Phoenix on TNT right now. I'll keep ya posted.

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Micon said...

Hey are u playing in the big tourney @ Ceasars while your in Vegas?