Saturday, November 05, 2005

They Say Phil Hellmuth Is a High Stakes Cash Game Donkey.

Well here's some proof in Daniel Negreanu's blog

I dream of playing in this game someday. Nothin like a few $100k swings in one day. It really seperates the men from the boys. I'm sorry, also the girls from the women, please forgive me Jennifer. I partied too much last night at the Stage on Broadway with Rob and a few other friends. I was very hung over and didn't get to bed till 4:30. I'm playing in the big tourney @ 3:30 pm tomorrow on Poker Stars. Maybe I'll see you there. Maybe not. lol 1st should pay well over $100k once again. Does it have my name on it?


Dan Druff said...

Phil is a donkey period!

jen said...

You're forgiven Mr.Nasty.