Thursday, November 03, 2005

Random Facts...

I picked this up from a fellow blogger, who in turn picked this up from a celebirty's web site. It's just random facts about me.

* My first car was a Fiat X/19, that caught fire, 2 days after I drove it off the lot, on the cruising lane in my hometown of DeSoto.
* My father passed away 2hrs after being discharged from the hospital.
* My brother is my total opposite.
* I sold Rafael Palmerio (Mr. Steriods) his first vehicle he bought after college.
*Robert Newhouse of the Dallas Cowboys, was good friends with my parents when he was playing in the 70's and my Bankruptcy Trustee in 1998. lol
*I'm trained on a 50 cal. machine gun.
*I was kidnapped in the Philippines and engineered my own escape in 1988.
*I've bungee jumped 3 times.
* I've had girlfriends from 10 yrs older than me, to 17 yrs younger. :/
*Hunted for snakes and got bit. Teen years again
*Terrorised the local parks and basketball games with my bb gun as a teen.
*Drove as fast as 180mph running from a cop in a modified Toyota Supra. I got away!!!.
*Been pulled over drunk twice (7 plus drinks) and let go both times. 1st time I was clocked doing 103 mph and was running from the cop. I was so drunk, I forgot I was running, he caught up when I slowed to 80 mph. lol
*Ran away from home, everytime I had to get a haircut, for a couple of hours. lol
* I have social anxiety disorder. Alcohol cures it!!! lol Only in social situations though, not at work. Go figure, the power of money and success.
*Till I was 15, I thought you got pregnant by rubbing belly buttons.
* I only eat breakfast once a week.
* I usaully eat a pound of chocolate chip cookies or chocolate candy before I go to bed.
*My growth spurt didn't happen till I was 18. I gained 50lbs of bulk in boot camp.
* I have been to every State but Oregon,Idaho, N.D.,S.D.,WY and any east coast state north of North Carolina.
*I've been to 10 foreign countries.
*Had the same best friend for 25 yrs.
*Hate guys who don't know how to treat a lady right.
*Didn't have a real job for a year while I was a professional gambler in Vegas in 97. Notice that's year before my BK. lol

I could go on and on but I'll give ya break. That was fun. I'm not proud of a few facts above, that's my life, I'm stickin to it! Maybe I'll post my pet peeve's next.


rippy said...

That's hilarious!!!

Ed said...

You're a wild man. Sounds like you've lived a wild life. Nice blog.