Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I will not be playing in the Harrah's Tournament of Champions

They haven't posted the schedule yet but the dates are the 6th thru 10th. I'll be there from the 7th till 11th. I'm back on my game so hopefully this means some major $$$. I wanted to win that tourney last night but I was the short stack with 11 players left and managed to finish 7th. My finall hand was all in with aj vs 88, I didn't catch. I was down to 58k in chips with the blinds of 10k/20k about to go up to 20k/40k. I played the best I could and the few mistakes I made were only against players with much smaller stacks. So I didn't risk much on my gambles. I did miss one hand with about 15 players left I caught 44 2nd utg and the gun raised 2 bets, I folded and sure enough a 4 came on the flop. Oh well.

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Micon said...

Good luck Nasty!