Sunday, September 25, 2005


That's right Micadoo hit two Royals today. Been Playin online today for about 6 hrs, I'm +$36.50
Sounds like I work @ Outback. Well I find out tomorrow if Amsouth wants to be nice to the idiot. Chase directed my complaint to there customer service area in India. The beauty of out sourcing America. Mr Rajamin Katpur informed my that Chase won't be any help. I had agreat day yesterday. Oh I love the family life and going to church. My only worry in life now is taxes. I hope I won't have that worry soon. The pic is me and my son Taylor near Gatlinburg in the Smokie Mts. this summer. I can't wait for my Dallas and Vegas trips. I got my Trailblazer back today. I'm happy bout that.

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Kassi said...

Brit suggested that you me and her and Joey (and whoever else wanted to go) go to Gatlinburg for a weekend sometime this winter I think... :)
Yeah for the trailblazer!