Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Poker Party!!!! My Baby, Is poker gambling??

I had 4 friends over last night for a Poker Party as we call it. We had a blast. We all decided to play a tournament with the entry fee being a shot or drink Saturday night for the winner. It was Jared , Joey, Kassi, Britt & I. Guess who got last...Me the poker pro wanna be. Guess who won? Kassi, A first time player of course. We had a blast. I'm getting ready for my Vegas trip and High School reunion next month. (now that I have a date) I'm excited!!! As I wrote in my blog a few days ago I'm the happiest that I can ever remember being, except for when my son was born. So life is good. I am so ready for the future. I'm going to start 2 new blogs in the next few days. One will be a comdey blog which I will TRY to showcase my sense of humour. The other will be an effort to get George Bush Impeached for derilliction of duty. Im sick of that a-hole. I know I can't spell. I don't I'm so proud of my new girlfriend Kassi I just have to post another pic of her. I'm so lucky!!!!

FYI non-poker players, poker is gambling if you don't know how to play, it's not gambling if you can play. It's a great source of revenue and in my case its a sport much like pro golf or what ever. The best in this business make millions every year, not because they are gambling, because of their skills and expertise. They are professionals. I'll be there soon.

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Doublesuited said...

Who ever thinks that poker is gambling needs to play with me!!
Why do you always see the same guys winning all the money.I don't think its luck. Hello.I clear over $200k per yr playing poker. Guess I'm just a lucky gambler. I'll take it over any moronic 9 to 5 job that can't pay 1/2 that. Good Luck Micadoo.