Saturday, September 24, 2005

Add $64 to the Idiot fund. Poker Party Winner Collects Tonight!

Even though I made a deposit yesterday Amsouth managed to charge me another$64 in NSF fees. Total now = $214. Nothing like totally free checking!!! I sent an email to Chase accusing them of a glitch in their on bill pay, lol, and I'm going to Amsouth and will use my people skills to see how much I can get back with my sob story. We'll see. I'm shooting for $124 and a refund of my cash advance fees from Chase. This has bummed me out a lil today. Tonight Kassi is collecting her Poker Party winnings with the other players at Steel N Fiddle. So I know I will be in great spirits later. I'll let u know how my struggle against corporate America goes.

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