Monday, September 19, 2005

Go Cowboys!!!

I had a free ticket to Texas Stadium and a $55 r/t air fare to Dallas for tonights game and I'm sitting here watching it @ home on t.v. writing my blog. What happend you ask? Alot. First I sideswiped some mail boxes on a good ole 2 lane country road. (-$500 deductible). Second, my AA frequent flier miles expired two days before I tried to redeem them for the$55 ticket. Third, I figured God was telling me not to go, I figured something bad was going to happen if I left. So I ended up having a great Saturday night, the best one that I can ever remember in my life. I wouldn't of had as much fun in Dallas for sure.


Anonymous said...

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Jen said...

Hey Mic I told you I didn't want to be mentioned in your blog. So which type of friend am I?? Lol

Anonymous said...

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