Thursday, December 22, 2005

The two Michael's....

Im +$200 so far today. That's good for having AA vs q7, KK vs 98, & AK vs A5 all cracked heads up, or I'd be up $500.

Im very conflicted right now. I have two voices in my head, thus the two Michael's. One is telling me to cut my losses and move on with my life, the other, which I've never heard before, is telling me to wait. I have been asked to wait, I've never done that before and vowed that I never would. One Michael is very bitter right now, the other is more understanding. The advise I get from others is run like hell, r u stupid or what? One Michael agrees with them, one thinks they don't understand the situation. I wish I could turn it off that quick. I'm not making a decision till next month. I am going to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends. I want to make the right decision and see what happens between now and then.I promised I would wait and not give up. I will for a while. Next month when everybody's gone will be the true test of me and my true feelings. Michael vs. Michael. One will be happy to be alone, one won't. One is ready to give up, one is not. One is ready to be single again, one is not. One is selfishly trying to protect me, the other loves unconditionally. I am bipolar!!! crap lol Sorry not taking drugs here. All I can do is pray for proper guidance, that is the true prescription. Problem is, will I listen? I hope so. No matter what happens I'll know I'll be fine, what ever the result, and I'm not worried about it, just conflicted. I know what I REALLY want and need, everybody that knows me knows too. Merry Christmas to ALL!!!!

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