Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Back in the saddle again.

+150 is a start. Playing better poker because I'm at peace once again. I won't be playing for a while with the holidays coming up , maybe a few head's up matches Fri, then proboly alot of play Sunday. It would be nice to get in the $500 nl tourney. I can say I'm neither happy or sad right now, I'm kinda nuetral. Does that mean Im bipolar? Plus with 500 miles of driving tomorrow it's kinda hard to get excited about starting at 5am. Oh, I might have a lil time to play tomorrow evening after all.Long as Taylor doesn't empty my account while I'm gone. lol I'm joking Taylor.


Anonymous said...

I'm not happy or sad right now either... nuetral. Kind of in retrospect right now. I don't want the slow mo to last long, don't worry.

MICADOO said...

Im not worried at all.