Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Back to WSOP and Philly fan's

Leavin today for tunica. Its super and mega satellitte time wednesday. Hope hope hope. All I need is that $10k buy in and I'll make it to the final table!!!! I always wanted to be be a pro athlete on ESPN, thought it would be through baseball, not poker. My boys looked decent on MNF. That 1st round pick Ware is a bad ass!!! Did u see that interception? That dude is a d lineman wtf? This dude looks better than LT. Watch out Mcnabb!!! Ur gonna get hurt. Im done...Played quarters for the 1st time since college tonight. HAVENT' DRANK ON A WEEKDAY IN OVER 5 YEARS. Im so bad. it's 2:48 im going to my nice soft bed. Blog ya soon.

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MommaK said...

Hey....that's my sister!!