Saturday, August 20, 2005

Back from Tunica with a profit.

Played in WSOP event # 4 Tuesday. I had more chips after the 1st break than I did in event #1, but I played way too loose. I made a all in bluff for my last $800 in chips with Q4 and was called by a 98 suited and he paired up. Not my tourney I guess. The night before I played 4/8 at the grand and lost like $40 over 3 hrs of play. After Event #4 I wanted to win my $340 buyin back in 4/8 at the horseshoe. I proceeded to play bad and lost another $140. So I went back to the grand and got serious and stepped up to 10/20. Over the next 12hrs I proceeded to win $1550. I was at a great table. Perfect combo of good and bad players. Got payed off on every hand. I even hit quads and raked a huge pot. I also met Bryan Micon of NWP, cool dude. The only pro I saw around was Matt Dean. The next day I played in 2 one table WSOP satellittes and lost $350. After that I had to leave for Union City. I'm planning to head back for the megasatellittes for the $10k main event which starts a week from monday. Playin online Sunday on PS sunday $215 tourn. On a personal note I met the most beautiful person last night and my head is still spinnin'. That's extremely rare 4 me. The pic is of my payout of my 61st place in Event #1.

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CowgirlUP said...

I wish I understood all of this poker lingo! But I like that I was mentioned in your bolg!