Friday, August 12, 2005


873 players started the day . I got blinded out after 10 hrs of play and pocketed $510. I now have Career WSOP Earnimgs LOL. I played well but made some mistakes early by not bluffing enough. I got lucky only once and i had an opened st8 on the flop to win that. I lost all of the coin flips but always had a big chip advantage in those situations. I got to play on the ESPN FINAL TABLE when we got down to 7 tables. I saw about 50 hands and never got a card and got blinded out. I was in the bb for $3k with only $3k in my stack left. A3 in the hole im all in vs aa. Goodnite MICADOO. Lets see 10hrs of play im +$170. Ummmh the luxury of playing online. I won $130 the day before in Caruthersville, MO at the Aztar Casino playin 4/8 for about 2hrs. A table of call stations. Old retired guys. I could make a living on that boat. lol Wish I could of stayed longer but I had to get to Tunica and register for the WSOP event. I'm planning to head back for event # 4 tuesday. Hopefully we can make the final table this time. lol

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