Thursday, April 13, 2006

What an interesting trip..

I got to play a 1 table satellitte at the Bellagio with Todd Brunson and Marco Tranello with Jennifer Harman sitting behind him. Marco and Jen were to my immediate right. I was in poker heaven. I played in another one with Chris Grigorian and busted him to a small stack only to have him put me out later. Over all the trip was learning experiece. In the cash games I was up $1k for the trip. I made big hits at the MGM playing $1/$2 NLH and $2/$5 NLH. My down fall was going on satellite tilt. I played in 10 satelittes and came close but got stuck for 3 dimes. Oh well I'm even for the month and got a free trip to Vegas.

Back to rebuilding the bankroll online. I'll be putting the hours in at the $3/$6 NLH and the $200 NLH heads up sit n go matches. I hope to head back to vegas in three weeks for the WSOPSE at Ceasars and the Mirage WPT event. We''ll see. I'm $645 online today already. :)

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