Monday, April 03, 2006

Down and up Sunday.

I'm definitely living he poker life. Go to bed around 5 or 6 am. wake up at noon or later. Well as I found out that's not condusive to church at 10 am. I decided to just stay up all night Saturday and go to bed after church. I made it till 8 am and passed out and missed church. I know I suck!

Poker was a wild ride yesterday. Started off losiing (count em) 4 $200 heads up no limit matches that put me minus $800 right off the bat. Well I then won (count em) 6 in a row! After some win on e lose one afew more times I ended the day + $185. Being the $800 loss right off the bat I was happy. In one of those matches I had a guy down to 20 in chips vs my 2980 and he won the next 8 hands and then eventually the match. The ole saying a chip and a chair. So true.

I have won enough lately that I don't really have to play till I get to Vegas Saturday. I'm sure I will though. Going to the new Larry the Cable Guy flick in a few hours, then come home and work (poker) for a while. Life's good, just wish I didn't miss church. The funny thing is I stayed home Saturday night. lol

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