Friday, April 07, 2006

First Week as a Full Time Internet Pro....

I made $2300 since last Thrusday. Next week I work in Vegas. My goal is to play in the $1500 buy in tournament (event #4 in the WPT event) at the Bellagio Monday. All the pro's will be there while I'm there. GSN will be taping another season of High Stakes Poker atThe Palms Monday and Tuesday. All the big boys are playing. I aslo found out the Sahara has a test track that for only $10 you can take brand new 2007 Corvette around a 1/2 mile road course twice, or if offroading is your game you can take a new Hummer or Escalade on the off road course. The tracks are permanent and real. They make you take a breathalizer before you can drive. lol. That should be fun. I guess I'm offically a pro now, if you Google Michael Nast you will see thats what Card Player magazine lists me as one. I didnt plan to play today but I couldnt resist and won $200. 3 wins 1 loss in $100 nl heads up matches.

On a funny note, the weather was awsome today so I've had my patio door open. Every now and then a fly would make the mistake of flying in. Bad move. Super Jazz (my cat) is a super preadator. It's the funniest crap watching her chase and jump all over my apartment to get this invader in our house. I about pissed myself it was so funny. I got to video it sometime. Well have a good morning I'm going to bed soon. Nite.

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