Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I won my first Omaha H/L Tournament!!!

I said I wasn't playing again till the Poker Stars VIP 100k freeroll Saturday. Well that's because I have $.03 right now in my Poker Stars account and am not reloading. Well I found $8 in my Party Poker account that I forgot about. First I played in a $6 buy in Limit Holdem 1 table sit n go, I finished 3rd and won $12. I then sat in what I thought was a $11 buy in NL Holdem 1 table sit n go tourney only to find out too late it was actually Limit Omaha H/L. Oops!! I suck at Omaha H/L!! Well I buckled down and said I'm a damn good card player! plus my head is clear today, I can do it! I did!! I won it! $50 woo hoo. I know, not very impressive, but that's a 1st for me in any form of Omaha, so I'm impressed. Maybe this is my road back to profit. I lost round $4k since Kassi broke up with me 3 weeks ago. Good thing I won $6k in December. lol I spent $3k of it on xmas though so that's actually minus $1k to the bankroll in the last 8 weeks. The pic I posted is Doyle Brunson @ the ESPN WSOP Tournament of Champions I took when I was in Vegas in November. Only 8 days till I'm back @ the Bellagio!!! Woo Hoo!!

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