Monday, January 09, 2006

Do you My Space?

My friend Michelle in Texas had been bitching at me forever to get on My Space. So one night while playing poker I decided to see what it was all about. Kassi had been using it to. It's so neat. What a great way to make friends. A girl named Jessica sent me a friend request. (I have no idea how people find me). We've been chattin all day. She's a budding country music singer in Nashville. She has written a song that so applies to my angst right now. I put it up on my profile. She invited me to come watch her sing Downtown at the French Quarter cafe Wednesday night. This is exactley what I need. Something to do and the opprutunity to meet new people. But I've also found out you can get stalkers, and spam disgiushed as a person there too. lol

I've been playing poker while I'm depressed about my break up. I don't play good when I'm down like that. When will I learn. It's good I win so much when Im not. lol

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Michelle said...

I'm jealous.I get you on this site and look at you go. You better get your ass down here soon. I want to dance! Just give me your money I'll manage it for you.