Monday, January 16, 2006

Hangin with John Rich.. The Rich of Big & Rich

This weekend was fun but exhausting I basically woke Saturday and didnt go to bed till Sunday night. I've been losing lately and my bankroll has suffered. Today is Mellow Monday. I'm rested up now and hopefully can win some money today. I'd hate not to have a bankroll for Vegas next month.yuk. Life's ok, it could be better, I'm just dealing with the cards I've been dealt lately. My pair of ace's got cracked. That's an inside joke to myself. I ran into John Rich ( the Rich of Big & Rich) Saturday night and we took a Hook'em Horns pic as you can see. My friends & I got to hang out with him and his girlfriend all night. We ended up eating breakfast @ the Hermitage Cafe. Had alot of fun. He is from Dallas so we have common.

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