Thursday, March 30, 2006

Time to be a pro & Florida Poker....

My company bought out my personal services contract today and it was a nice buyout to say the least. It was a great company to work for but it wasn't meant to be. Plus being a 1099 contractor is killing me tax wise. So I figure its time to make the jump into the full-time professional poker world. The best part is if it doesn't happen I can always fall back on my career and still make bank. Poker has been very up and down lately but im still + $6K for the year.

I played poker at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa this weekend. Wow what a great place and poker room, but all you can play in FL is $1/$2 limit games, WTF? but they do have 1 table sit n go's running 24/7. I finished 2nd in a $120 1 table sit n go and cashed $300.

The next month will proboly be the most interesting in my life. I'll keep you posted

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