Saturday, May 07, 2005

Tunica trip results

We'll I managed to finish 10th in the thrusday tourney and cashed for $100. It was a free roll for me because I arrived a little early and won my buy in, one rebuy, and double add on playing 4/8 at a table with a couple of pot feeding fish. Then on Friday I played on a table with dealers and no fish and was up and down for a few hours. My biggest pot was about $200, which I was in the bb with 7-2 suited!! lol Pot was capped pre-flop with 6 callers. Board came 8-7-5-5-5. I won it with my full house. I couldn't believe the pot got capped pre flop with only one pocket pair of 6-6. Well after that I couldn't hit any of my st8 or flush draws the rest of my session so I ended up losing around $ 250 for the whole trip. Oh well I'll be playing next this Sunday in the Pokerstars $215 Sunday tourney. Be back with those results.

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