Monday, May 02, 2005

5/2/05 action and the $530 buy in tourney result.

Minus $55 for today. Had to work. Might be heading to Tunica Thrusday for the rebuy tourney. I cashed for $865 last time I played two weeks ago. Hoping the poker gods quit letting every 2 outer hit against me. Example: Poker Stars $530 buy in tourney two weeks ago sitting about 95th in chips with 800 plyrs left. I'm in 3rd position, I call bb, and 3 others limpin with me, I'm holding a-7 os, flop a-7 -2, Bingo! right? I raise one bet one caller before bb and bb raises $500. Hmmm? he flop a set? He raised too much for a set, no flush draw on board, I put him on ace something, I'm all in for 10k, bb calls, ( he's got me covered by $500 or so). I was right no set!! bb shows 7-2 os. Woo hoo!! chip lead here I come. No way he can hit this two outer!!! Wrong river brings the 2. Fuck me. I lost to 7-2, I'm fucking raising any ace from now on!! lol. I couldn't bitch though, I got my $530 buy in for $42, in the turbo satellite. Plus an extra $530 won another buy in the same day for the same $42. Of course after my bad beat, I'm fuckin on tilt, Im playin heads up for the other $500 dammit!!! Im all in heads up with 8-8 preflop vs a-5c suited, not only does he catch a flush on the turn, an ace hits the river to let me know poker gods sent me to hell that day. lol. I hope yall enjoy this blog.

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