Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Poker Blog is Back!!!!!

Drum roll please....dddddddddddddddddddd....After a 7 month hiatus from the poker world Micadoo has returned!! I purchased a lap top over the weeked and found out I had 4 free wireless internet connections in my my apartment, thanks to my nieghbors. Well around midnight I decided to log on to BoDog and play some $50 and $100 heads up matches. Needless to say I finshed up + $230 for the one hour session. Not much I know, but I'll take $200 a day, that's only $6k a month. It seems the players are a little weaker and not as wild on BoDog vs Pokerstars. I look foward to having some profitable days coming up online and working my way back to playing in the circuit again.

Im sure alot of you wonder why I did not play poker the past 7 months, well it was alot of things.... First I had my biggest Tournament win ever taking 1st in the $55k guar $10 rebuy tourn on Poker Stars in Feburary. It gave me a huge bankroll, next I left my employer to pursue making a living at poker. I then headed to Vegas for the WPT World Championship @ the Bellagio. I got to play with Jennifer Harman, Todd Brunson, Marco Tranello, and alot of pro's in the $1k satellites for the WPT. I basically chunked my 16k bankroll on 1k satellites. I was + $2k in the cash games while I was there. Basically broke, I put all my stuff in storage moved back to Dallas, (home) got a real job,lived in a hotel here for almost 4 months (my job paid for) till they finally paid for relocation to Texas, and have been working 60+ hours a week since. So the main reason was I didn't have the time or a computer set up after work to play. I also needed to get my head straight. I was on major tilt online after I got back from Vegas. I made and average of $2k amonth off poker for 2years straight before that big win and I know I'm a great player. I'm back on my game now I just needed a lil time out.......Im Baaaaaaaaaack!

The picture is of a car that flipped on to our lot off of I35. He was going over 100 mph when he lost it and smashed into our trucks...He walked away...what a lucky suck..

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