Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dog Days of Summer.....

What is it now? 10 straight days of 100 degrees. Welcome to Texas. Thats why we have the best air conditioning right? Business has really slowed down and everyone waits till 8 pm to come look at cars. It's no different than when I left for Tennessee. Looks like I'm moving finally next month. My poker career and my $900 car and insurance payment had put a squeeze on me but I'm finally coming out of it. I didn't mess my credit up at all, just had to pay alot of fees. I am personnally making Chase, Capital One, and various other banks profitable. Im starting to miss poker, somedays I just want to run away to Vegas and take another shot, then I wake up and it's time to go to work. I'll be back someday, I just know it.Now I know what not to do next time i make my run at being a pro. The pic is from last Sunday's trip to the lake at Sneaky Pete's.

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