Thursday, February 16, 2006

9 way chop!! lol The railbirds where in a tissy.

Coming up on 36 hrs with maybe 3 hrs of sleep. Kinda hard to sleep when you beat nearly 1600 players in a rebuy tournment and Win $9k. I had Pokerstars Western Union me $1k this morning. lol I cashed out $8k into my checking account. That way I won't be tempted to play the 100/200 game or play heads up for $5k and possibly loose it all back. I haven't played but one $50 heads up match which I lost on the second hand which I flopped two pair and got beat by a turn flush. I'm taking a break and enjoying my spoils for a while.

Yes my friends we had a nine way chop in the big $10 rebuy tourney. I was 2nd in chips with 2.2 million. My chop was $8500, we agreed to donate $200 for the winner of the table for a total of $1800 more for the winner. The railbirds went nuts. They couldn't believe all nine agreed to a deal. I had a great chop and was not bitching at all. Originally 9th paid only $953 and 1st paid $15k, 2nd $9100 so it was not a bad chop at all for me. If I had any less chips I would not of agreed to chop. So it got down to me heads up with my 2.4 million vs 6.4 million, after I busted him out of a quick million he offered me a deal on the $1800 ....8 for me 1k for him. It was five a.m. and that would put me up to 9K the biggest money winner..I took it. I busted him out 4 hands later but even after the first chop play was alot diffrent (looser)than before. Yes I guess I have no balls as the railbirds said, but I have $9k for it. Let me feel ...I still have balls.

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